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I like to think I know a lot and I hope I can share knowledge with you, but because no one can ever claim to know it all. I certainly don’t here are some great books, sites and other resources to visit for everything on health, happiness and positive thinking!

Nutrition, Health, Food:

superfoods book

Superfoods – David Wolfe (book)
This book is incredible! Seriously, read it now and your view on the nutritional content of foods will be changed forever. David’s knowledge is so extensive and amazing, yet he makes superfoods easy for anyone to add to their daily diet. He also has a website, click on the link below. David also has other books which I am yet to read, including Eating for Beauty and The Longevity NOW Program, both of which I am sure would be fantastic reads. Let me know if you have read either and what were your thoughts?

primal body primal mind bookPrimal Body, Primal Mind – Nora Gedgaudas (book)
This book is the Bible of primal nutrition. As an absolute chemistry and biology nerd, I relished in the depth of the biochemistry in this book. Nora truly knows what she is talking about and it will change your perspective on fat and “healthy, whole grains”. If you have ever wondered what the craze with Paleo is all about then this book is a must-read. Nora also has a website:  Primal Body, Primal Mind

food matters dvdFood Matters (documentary film)
The most mind blowing, amazing and life changing documentary EVER! The amazing stories, experts and examples in the documentary is simply incredible. It should be compulsory viewing for everyone, because it blows common misconceptions wide open and shows just how powerful good nutrition can be. It also covers the utter corruption and endless cycle of the pharmaceutical industry. There is a website for Food Matters.

hungry-for-change dvdHungry for Change (documentary film)
The second film from the geniuses at Food Matters. Again, simply awesome information and ideas and so much knowledge packed into one film. I highly, highly recommend you watch both documentaries, but be prepared because you will never be able to look at food the same again. Hungry for Change has also been made into a book, which is very similar to the film, but still a great read and contains many great healthy recipes. Check out the Hungry for Change website.

fat, sick and nearly dead dvd

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (film)
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is the story of an Australian guy by the name of Joe Cross who was literally fat, sick and nearly dead. After years battling an auto-immune disease and being treated with pill after pill, Joe had had enough and so he embarked on 60 days of juicing as he made his way across America, meeting and greeting ordinary American’s as he went. By the end of the 60 days Joe is thin, fit, healthy, happy and off medication for good. This amazing story inspired me to get juicing, along with my dad and now refer to Joe as Joe the Juicer! The healing power of juice is truly amazing. Check out the website for Fat, Sick and Nearly dead here.

the gerson therapy bookThe Gerson Therapy – Charlotte Gerson
I have only read the first few pages of this book so far, but already I can tell it will be amazing. The Gerson Therapy is a treatment for severe diseases and cancers that utilising the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Basically the body is flooded with nutrients in the form of vegetable juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements to allow it to heal and reverse the effects of disease. An amazing therapy and it’s truly a shame that doctors everywhere don’t use it. There is also a website for further information, books and contacts if you want to try the Gerson Therapy yourself, click here.

sweet poison bookSweet Poison/Sweet Poison Quit Plan – David Gillespie
Sweet Poison is the story of how David Gillespie cut sugar from his diet and lost truckloads of weight. The book investigates why sugar makes us fat, how it makes fat and the shocking facts about the impacts sugar has on our bodies. It is a truly amazing book and will change the way you look at everything you put in your mouth. A must read for those who do or want to lead a sugar free life. There is also a website: Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the next book in David’s series which gives you practical advice on how to cut sugar from your life and live a sugar free lifestyle.

Toxic Oil and Big, Fat Lies – David Gillespie
These are two more of David’s books which focus in on fat, in particular the good fats (saturated and natural fats) and the carcinogenic, toxic fats such as hydrogenated vegetable oils (i.e. canola, cottonseed, deep frying oils). Big, Fat Lies discusses why low-fat and no-fat diets and products don’t work and why and busts the fat myth. It also goes into how vitamin supplements are a waste of time and money, however, personally I don’t agree with David on this point. Toxic Oil I am yet to read, but focuses on the toxic, carcinogenic vegetable oils that have made their way into everyday processed food products and our pantries.

wheat bellyWheat Belly – William Davis
This is a fantastic book for all of you who are wondering about gluten and why there seems to be so many people no longer eating it ‘for health reasons’. In the book the history of wheat is traced back thousands of years and then how it has been modified to the wheat we consume today. Wheat and gluten is then linked to everything from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, neurological and psychiatric disorders and more. Mum and I both agreed this book is good because it is quite easy to read and the explanations of how wheat impacts or causes these disorders doesn’t require a PhD to understand. Check out the website/blog:

grain brainGrain Brain – Dr David Perlmutter

I first read this book as a part of my Year 12 research project into gluten-related disorders and holy moly it is an eye-opener! David Perlmutter is another doctor championing the benefits of a gluten-free, low-carbohydrate diet and for good reason. He clearly explains the biochemistry behind the detrimental impact that gluten has on our nervous system and body and gives plentiful anecdotal evidence to support the elimination of gluten and even grains for optimal neurological health. A great one to read in conjunction with Wheat Belly.

hungry for change book

Hungry for Change
From the amazing people who produced the Food Matters and Hungry for Change films, there is now the Hungry for Change book, your very own guide to detoxing your life and tapping into your health potential. 



body ecology dietThe Body Ecology Diet – Donna Gates with Linda Schatz

When I first began to become interested in the microbiome of our digestive system and the effects of this balance on our health, this book was the first place I turned. I devoured the book in a matter of days and almost immediately began to employ as many principles as I possibly could. If you struggle with digestive issues, skin conditions, auto-immune issues or any kind of bacterial overgrowth in your body, this is a must-read too. The food combining and acid/alkaline balancing section is particularly interesting.

i quit sugar

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson
Again I am yet to read this, but everyone who has read it raves about how fantastic it is. It is all about Sarah’s journey of eliminating sugar from her life, including all fructose (no fruit, argh!). Sarah has also written the I Quit Sugar Cookbook, I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook, I Quit Sugar: an 8-week program and, most recently, Simplicious, as she continues on her health and wellness quest. Definitely on my to-read list. Check out her blog and buy her books here.

Nutrition, Health & Food Blogs/Websites:
The Spunky Coconut- sugar free, gluten free and dairy free goodness. Plus a cute blog.
Elana’s Pantry– full of meal ideas and recipes from Elana, gluten free, sugar free and other allergy options too.
Supercharged Food- gluten free recipes, meal planners, shopping list and advice in a cute virtual notebook.
Finger, Fork & Knife- recipes to nourish using whole, natural ingredients. Kate’s photography = food porn.
The Holy Kale- for anyone seeking to live a clean, healthy and toxin free life, check out the Holy Kale.
The Happiness Cocktail– lovely little blog with yummy recipes and good advice.
The Natural Nutritionist – gluten free, refined sugar free recipes and great advice for those cooking gluten free.
Health is Happiness – plant based, whole food recipes, advice and plenty of green smoothies!
Chris Kesser – informative and evidence based, a doctors take on nutrition and the paleo diet.
All Against Grain – a wonderful site full of gluten free, paleo recipes.
The Happy Eater – sugar free and fabulous!
Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing – clean recipes, simple advice and inspiration for a healthy, balanced, unique life.
Inner Out Health – secrets to health and happiness from the inside out.
Healthful Pursuit – allergy free recipes and healthy alternatives to all your favourites.
Melissa Ambrosini – the beautiful Melissa Ambrosini with her tips for self-love, health and total wellness.
This Rawsome Vegan Life – a simply gorgeous, mouth watering blog full of raw, vegan recipes and desserts. FOOD PORN ALERT.
Raw Karma – raw, vegan, gluten free goodness.
Nice Life – tips and ideas for living a healthy, happy, nice life.
Happy Healthy Whole – recipes and ideas to nourish your body, mind and soul.
This is Lifeblood – recipes, articles and inspiration for wellness and a lovely life.
Sprouted Kitchen – gorgeous pictures of simply stunning and healthy food creations. Definitely food porn.
My New Roots – whole food recipes with pretty pictures to match.
Sarah Wilson – blog by Sarah Wilson about her I Quit Sugar life and happiness.
The Whole Daily – Alice Nicholls posts amazingly authentic stuff about food, health and self-love.
The Healthy Chef – healthy and wholesome meals by Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef.
Dr Libby – holistic nutrition advice and recipes.
Jessica Sepel – inspiration, health and wellness from the gorgeous Jessica.
Fork & Flower – pretty pictures and delicious recipes.
The Savoury Soul – holistic health and wellness from health coach Amanda.
The Relauncher – beauty, health and wellness + an online store.
Conscious Foodie – organic food and recipes to feed your soul.
Nat Kringoudis – author of Eat Fat, Be Lean, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Fertilise Yourself, Nat specialises in happy hormones.
Move, Nourish, Believe – the Lorna Jane blog for healthy recipes and exercise ideas.
Julia & Libby – two sisters with a passion for health and wellness.
Petite Kitchen – wholesome, healthy recipes.
Health Yeah! – clean eating and eco-friendly living.
The Wellness Project – holistic health coaching and recipes.
Madeline Shaw – nutritional advice and online health magazine

Positivity, Happiness, Yoga & LIFE:

you can heal your life book

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
This was my first encounter with positive affirmations and positive thinking and it literally changed my life. Louise has many other books which I am yet to read, but she is one of the most amazingly positive people I have ever read. Louise has many other books on this same topic, all of which I am sure are amazing. She also has a site, which you can visit here.

the happiness project book

The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
A charming and clever take on happiness, the Happiness Project follows the journey of Gretchen over one year as she pursues happiness. I love the organised and very logical approach she takes, because it reminds me of me. Definitely a worth while read, you can buy the book here. Gretchen also has a blog which can be found under Happiness in my links or below.

Blog: The Happiness Project

mastering your mean girlMastering Your Mean Girl – Melissa Ambrosini

I am an absolute raving fangirl of Melissa Ambrosini – she is a goddess and a guiding light for all women everywhere! In Mastering Your Mean Girl she brings together all of her knowledge in this gorgeous book, including how love yourself, nourish your temple and live your dream life. If you want to be fabulously healthy, wildly wealthy and bursting with love then this is the book for you! There are also great little exercises throughout the book to hold you accountable for your progress and change. Check out the book website here for a tour and to purchase it ASAP!

women food and godWomen, Food and God – Geneen Roth

This book was confronting and challenging to say the least, but was the catalyst for some major changes in my attitudes towards food that aided me to overcome my binge eating habits. If you have any form of an unhealthy relationship with food then this is a fantastic read. Geneen beautifully and directly explains how the way we eat is the way we view the world and reflects our relationship with God/a higher power. Thought-provoking stuff.

school of greatenssThe School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

After watching an interview with Lewis by Melissa Ambrosini I immediately jumped online and purchased his book. I have already devoured the first four chapters and I love his practical, get-to-it approach to living the life you want. He is all about vision, goal-setting and the hustle to get there. If you want to do things, if you want to achieve your goals then get on this one NOW. Lewis has a website with podcasts too.

dalai lamaMy Spiritual Autobiography – Dalai Lama

I’ve always been curious about the Eastern religions, more so than Christianity anyway, so this book was one that I truly enjoyed reading. I learnt a great deal about the Buddhist philosophies, traditions and how the Dalai Lama is selected each lifetime. What I loved most about this book was reading what the Dalai Lama had to say about the big issues in the world and the utter loving approach he took even to the Chinese government who violently drove him and his people out of Tibet. He is a true inspiration and spiritual leader who we are blessed to walk this Earth with.

light on yogaLight on Yoga – BKS Iyengar

I read this one as a part of my yoga teacher training and found it very insightful. BKS is regarded as one of the modern yoga “gods” and although he sadly passed away a few years ago, his wisdom is all captured in this book. If you have ever wondered about the classic Iyengar alignment or want to know more about the other elements on the path of a yogic life then this is a great starting point.

Positively Positive- a site that brings together stories and posts about life and positivity. Easy to read on for hours.
Terri Cole- a motivational speaker and life coach full of good advice and practical solutions for living your best and happiest life.
Mind Body Green – I could spend hours reading the amazing articles on this website. Perfect for pick-me-up motivation and inspiration.
Melissa Ambrosini – see above. All girls need to follow Melissa, you will not regret it.
Rosie Rees  – Rosie is a singles and sex coach and a nude yoga teacher (HOW COOL?!). She blogs about getting in touch with your sacred sexual energy, which is also your creative energy too. Very cool reading if you want to get in touch with your sensuality/sexuality.


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