Positivity is one of my passions and focuses of Berry, Berry Happy. Since discovering the power of positive thinking, positive affirmations, positive attitude, happiness or whatever else you want to call it, I have made it a goal to spread the joy to anyone who will listen. My philosophy on positivity and happiness goes a bit like this:

“Wake each morning with a smile. Approach life with curiosity, happiness and positivity. Always remember to be grateful for all that you have, be thankful for the good, the beauty and the wonder of the world. Repeat positive affirmations every day, say them, think them, believe them. Choose to see the best in everyone, be kind to everyone and be the person you would like to have as a best friend. Remember your attitude to life is your life. Your thoughts are your choice, choose them wisely. You can’t be happy unless you think you’re happy, so always think you’re happy. Spread the joy, compliment, give, be selfless and generous. Most of all remember life is a beautiful, amazing thing so don’t waste a single second on the negative.”

This summarises and clarifies my goal each day, the way in which I try to approach life. 

Keep happy, Erica x

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