Nutrition and good health through eating well is one of the primary focuses of Berry, Berry Happy. I believe in the power of eating nutritious, mineral and vitamin-rich foods to build immunity, strength, gain energy and live with vitality. I am always learning and adapting my diet philosophy and knowledge, so it changes as often as the seasons. However, my current health philosophy goes a little like this…

“Avoid sugar and gluten as much as possible. Avoid fake, junk, processed, trans fat, overly salty and unnatural foods, basically anything that comes in a packet. Choose organic whenever possible. Eat lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds, LOVE good fats. Eat lean and healthy serves of protein such as beef, chicken, turkey, cooked in a healthy way. Limit dairy, only eat it on occasions and if you tolerate it. Drink only filtered spring water and herbal/green teas, green juices and smoothies and lots of them. Enjoy fruit in moderation. Eat eggs everyday (my Mum’s golden rule, unless you can’t eat eggs that is). Incorporate serves of raw, fermented vegetables as much as possible. Love superfoods and eat whenever available. Take supplements, if needed, to aid and increase health. Do some form of exercise every day (can be as little as 10 pushups). Love and enjoy making and eating nutritious meals.”

I am not perfect and I don’t eat 100% perfectly but each day I try to do the very best I can. When I finish school it is my dream to become a doctor, but not a normal, medicine-pushing doctor. I want to be a nutritional doctor who uses nutrition to prevent and treat disease, change peoples lives, alleviate poverty and change the world. That is the potential I believe good nutrition has.

Keep healthy, Erica x


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