Happy Wednesday everyone! It's Erica here with another edition of WILW (can you believe it, number 31?!). Prepare yourself, as I get a little deep and very vulnerable in this one, but I hope you like it anyway. Sending lots of love to you all, wherever you are as you read this. This week I … Continue reading WILW ED #31



Firstly, an apology from Peta and I for missing last week's WILW... Somehow it passed by without either of us sitting down to write something for you all. But nonetheless, I (Erica) am back and writing from a library desktop (more on that later) and Peta's account because I got locked out of my own... but writing … Continue reading WILW ED #29


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful day, or that your day is shaping up to be wonderful, depending on where in the world you. It is currently 6am in Montreal, and I've just woken up to go to the gym, only to realise it doesn't open for another half hour... so it's … Continue reading WILW ED #28


A big hello to everyone reading this from Montréal, Canada! I arrived last Tuesday night and have since moved into my student accommodation and spent the past week setting up our house and preparing for uni to start in a few short days. Thus far I am absolutely loving Montréal and practicing (to a small … Continue reading WILW ED #26

Friday FFF: John Vasta (+ special Vasta Retreats discount offer!)

After somewhat of a hiatus, Friday Fab Foodie Friend is back and today I have probably one of the most exciting interviews thus far to share with you! Allow me to (virtually) introduce to John Vasta, the charismatic, kind-hearted and incredibly wise facilitator of Vasta Retreats. For those of you who may not be aware, … Continue reading Friday FFF: John Vasta (+ special Vasta Retreats discount offer!)