Raw Lime + Matcha Cheesecake

As promised on our Instagram last night, here is the recipe for our very own Raw Lime + Matcha Cheesecake. We whipped this up from the abundance of limes in our fridge, combined with some little matcha green tea samples courtesy of Dad. For those of you who are unfamiliar with matcha powder, it is … Continue reading Raw Lime + Matcha Cheesecake



I have a confession to make: I am *only* human. This may, or may not, come as a shock to you, or perhaps rather you don't particularly care. Regardless, I feel there is a lot I have to get off my chest, and since my go-to form of self-therapy is writing, here goes... Deep inhalation! … Continue reading Confessions.

10 Foods Containing Added Sugar – that are sure to shock!

Sugar. The modern day World War III. We all know its bad, but it is just oh so addictive. Unfortunately, even when you try to ditch the sweet stuff you could actually still be consuming well above the recommended amount and not even know about it! Everyone knows about cake, chocolate and ice cream, but … Continue reading 10 Foods Containing Added Sugar – that are sure to shock!


Hey everyone, Erica here with WILW ED #33. Hope you all have the best day ever! What I'm Loving Wednesday - Edition 33 Reading: The Elephant Journal I have to admit that reading Elephant Journal articles that I find on Facebook is probably my top form of procrastination, however I always seem to be reminded … Continue reading WILW ED #33