Four years ago today…

Today I was intending to write a post that I have been cultivating in my mind for some time, but when I logged in to my WordPress account I was notified of an anniversary. Today marks four years since I (little, curious, shy and quietly ambitious 16-year old Erica) created Berry, Berry Happy!

I can still remember that day quite clearly, and I can remember what motivated me to create this blog – it was a goal. At some point during my nine weeks spent at Gnurad Gundidj (the School for Student Leadership), I took the time to physically write down a bucket list/list of life goals. I still have that list somewhere… One of my goals was to start a blog. Looking back I don’t really know what was attracting me to such a goal, as I had essentially zero IT skills and I had never written anything that wasn’t an essay or creative piece of writing as a part of English at school. I didn’t even know what I wanted to write about, I just knew I wanted to start a blog…one day.

Then, May 20th 2012 I decided to make that happened. After several days of contemplation of the most important element (the blog name!), I made myself a WordPress account and Berry, Berry Happy was born. Check out my first ever post – “I read a great quote” here. Reading this very short post again, I am struck by the fact that that very quote is one that I still to this day live by!

When I created this blog four years ago I had no idea what a huge part of my life it would become. I had no idea how many people it would allow me to connect with and how much this outlet would enable me to discover, pursue and share my passions in life. I had no idea how much this blog would teach me about health, wellness, positivity and life. Four years ago I could never have imagined that I would have the honour of sharing my thoughts with so many incredible people all over the world.

I would like to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude to anyone who has ever read my blog or followed its many incarnations on various social media platforms. Thank you for your consideration, your time, your energy and most of all your support. Thank you to anyone who has ever told me how much they love reading my posts or about a yummy meal they have created from a recipe I have shared. I am deeply honoured to have been able to share something with you and I am eternally grateful for your love.

Because I am a lover of statistics, I thought I would give you a little whirlwind tour of the last four years by numbers (as it currently stands):

Posts: 391 (well 392 now)
Total hits: 55,663
Total visitors: 27,210
Most views in a single day: 554 (Nov 28th 2014)
Wordpress Followers: 90
Email Followers: 57
Facebook Followers: 292
Instagram Followers: 650
Total Followers (with some overlap): 1089

Isn’t that incredible?! I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that more than 27,000 people have viewed BBH (to be fair some of those are probably robots… but you get the point). That is what I love most about blogging and the Internet, it’s all about connection. Through being a blogger and following other blogs I get to connect with amazing, inspiring people all over the world and consequently I get inspired to bring you more cool things I’ve discovered! How great is that?

And with that I will leave you for today, I am off to do my last Physiology test for the semester (wish me luck!).

Love Erica x

2 thoughts on “Four years ago today…

  1. Helen Fordham says:

    Well done Erica!!!! Congratulations, what a milestone for you 😊 I look forward to your posts, never miss them, and enjoy their content, also share them with my friends who enjoy them also. Thank you for being you 😊
    Helen Fordham

    • ericam95 says:

      Thank you so much, Helen! I am so delighted that you and your friends enjoy my posts, it really makes it so worthwhile to hear that. Thank you for being you, too! Love Erica x

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