No pre-amble this week, let’s get to it for Edition #10. This week I am….

Reading: Quirkology by Richard Wiseman

Upon wandering through the discount store of the Carlton Readings Bookstore (aka the coolest bookstore in Melbourne) I noticed this little book and after reading the blurb I was immediately intrigued. The full title – Quirkology: The Curious Science of Everyday Life – pretty much sums up what I anticipate it will be about (I am actually yet to start reading it as I finish the other three books I am currently reading). As a fairly curious person I always love learning the reason behind why certain phenomenons exist and where rather odd social norms arise from, partly because every now and again the opportunity to share this “fun” fact with another person will present itself. Regardless, if you are at all interested in the random things that happen in everyday life and/or science of any sort, I think you’d likely enjoy this one.

Listening to: Hay House World Summit Series

Founded by esteemed self-help author and positive affirmation extraordinaire Louise Hay, the publishing house Hay House is pretty much the bees knees when it comes to modern day spirituality, health, wellness, self help and personal development books… they have it all. Not only do they publish the works of amazing and influential people, but during the Hay House World Summit they bring together tonnes of these people and open up conversations with them about their topic(s) of expertise. In the Hay House World Summit you will find literally hundreds of interviews, audios and videos on every topic you could possibly want to know more about at the tips of your fingers. The Summit runs for the month of May, with different series of resources being released each week. All you have to do is sign up. Last December my Mum was given the complete collection of CDs from last year’s Summit by a friend and we listened to them in the car as we travelled endlessly that month. I have to say there were some pretty eye-opening, perspective shifting and clarifying insights contained in just about every single interview, so if you are into self-development in any way I would highly recommend heading over to the World Summit page and signing up.

Watching: The dream we haven’t dared to dream (Ted Talk)

Ahhh, another amazing Ted Talk. Seriously, I don’t think I could ever get sick of them. This one was shared by my friend Tyler, and after watching it I found myself firstly agreeing with Dan but also thinking quite a bit about what he had to say… about dreams and dreaming in both dimensions. I loved this talk because it was as short and sweet as it was powerful and yet reminded me of the utter importance of humanity above all else, about loving and acknowledging all other beings on this planet. Worth a watch (as always!).


This quote ties in with my concept of ‘being present’. I used to worry endlessly about the past and about the future (heck, I still do sometimes), which did nothing else other than removing me from living in and enjoying the present moment. I have found one of the simplest and most successful stress reduction techniques to be simply focusing on today. When I wake up I usually have a good idea of what I am going to do that day, I have a plan. When I am bogged down in study my guiding question is “What do I need to do today to wake up and be okay tomorrow?” That question alone usually sorts out my priorities pretty swiftly. I wake up each morning and I (almost always) express gratitude for the new day. I do my best to acknowledge that whatever happened yesterday is in the past, so there is no point dwelling on it. Each day is different, some are good, some are bad, others are neutral. But the most important moment that will ever exist is the one that exists right now, in the present.

Eating: LOTS of brunch

There is absolutely no denying that brunch is my favourite meal of the day, whether I am eating out or at home. Over the past week and weekend, as it turned out, I ended up having a lot of brunch  (as well as legitimate breakfast and lunch) adventures with various friends and family members. Here’s a week on my plate brunch style! If you can believe it there were actually more that I did not capture (I don’t always take photos of my food…), including Pumpkin Bruschetta with Poached Eggs at Stagger Lee’s (Fitzroy) and a Roasted Cauiflower Hommus Egg something at Archie’s All Day (Fitzroy). This week is practically an update on my latest ‘Melbourne Brunch Adventures’ (see Part 1 and Part 2 here).


Chilli Scrambled Eggs @ Seven Seeds, Carlton

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.37.52 am

Tiramisu Pancakes and Hipster Jar @ SOS Cafe, South Yarra


Spanish Eggs @ Uncle & Jak, Fitzroy

Pondering: déjà vu and memories

During a rather long walk on Sunday, Peta and I discussed this weird phenomenon (kind of like déjà vu) we experience when we return to a place we have previously visited but several months or even years later and how this can make us recall what we were doing at the time, who we were with and that stage in our life. This happened often to me after moving to Melbourne, as I would walk around and see something familiar, only to realise that I had visited that place as a visitor/non-local previously. As I pieced together different parts of Melbourne my memories of these visits also came flooding back. Similarly, Peta reflected upon how last time she visited Melbourne, only a few short months ago, she was in a totally different place in her life and headspace (at the time she was waiting for her high school results). She could never have imagined that her life would be what it is now, and so returning to the same place where she had been in December allowed her to reflect on these changes.

We wondered too if everyone experiences this sense of reflection upon re-visiting certain places. Of course our senses are intimately linked to memories, but does it always provoke such deep reflection? So I would be curious, does this or has this ever happened to you?

Moving with: Bad Yogi Yoga Videos


I’ve come full circle and returned to the roots of my daily yoga practice, in the form of the awesome videos being released by Bad Yogi (aka Erin Motz). Each week Erin releases short, awesome yoga classes (usually 10-20 mins) targeted for specific outcomes. The other day I did the ‘Yoga for when you feel run down‘ class and it was AMAZING (there is a super fun move at the end if you are keen). If you are a beginner or want to start a home yoga practice, this is the palce to go. Even as an instructor I love doing these online classes because I enjoy having someone to guide me and I nearly always learn a new pose, flow or option that I’ve never done before. Plus, I totally love Erin’s carefree and fun-loving attitude to yoga, it is contagious. Often I will start my practice off with a video and then allow myself to flow on into my own practice from there.

Aiming to: clear my plate

I try not describe myself as a busy person. I chose to eliminate that word from my vocabulary (at least in reference to myself) at the start of this year. But there is no denying that my life is very full, incredibly abundant in fact! I have so many exciting things that I get to each day and amazing people I get to hang out with and so many ideas in my head that I very rarely get bored. But because I love so many things and have so many passions I can sometimes take on too much and overfill my metaphorical plate. Yesterday I received some very exciting news (stay tuned for more about that), but as soon as I received this news I realised I felt overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed because I knew my plate was now overflowing. How could I accept this new opportunity that I was so grateful for without exhausting myself? Simple, make space. So I wrote a list (literally) titled “EMPTY PLATE LIST” and listed as many things as I could think of that I am happy to let go of in order to make room for this new part of my life. This wasn’t necessarily easy, as it meant asking some people to help me out, letting other people know that I wouldn’t be able to do some things that they may have kindly asked me to do, and delegating tasks that I don’t need to do to other people. Whilst I wish I was Superwoman and could do it all, I acknowledge that to attempt to would only deplete me and hence make me a much less loving and giving person in the long run. By the end of the day I had already made a lot of plate-clearing progress and the feeling of overwhelm had subsided. I can now fully focus my energy and attention on this SUPER EXCITING new opportunity and celebrate it without worry.

Perhaps you can relate to this feeling of overwhelm? If so, maybe take some time to make an Empty Plate List too. Consider your priorities and what you need to do in your life and then search for areas where you can surrender a little, let go of some control and the need to do everything and please everyone.

Grateful for: my sister Peta


One cheeky sister snap from the weekend!

If you follow BBH on Instagram, you’ll know that my younger sister, Peta, and I share pretty much everything in life, including our passion for health and wellness AND this blog (particularly the Instagram account). On that note, as of next week Peta should be starting to post her own WILWs – get keen! As it happens today is Peta’s 19th birthday, so here is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETA! It seems only appropriate that today I am feeling incredibly grateful for Peta and the fact that she is always, 100%, unconditionally loving and supportive of me. I am grateful that she is not only my sister, but also my best friend (and that is something I am very proud of). I am also very grateful for the bond that we share as siblings, because I know that this is not something that everyone experiences. I was reminded of all this gratitude I feel for her when she visited me over the weekend. We only had a very short amount of time together, but as always we managed to fill it with many adventures, a few minor disasters (GladWrap in raw caramel slice anyone??) and plenty of soulful conversations. I am grateful for her presence in my life, every single day.

How was your Wednesday?

Love Erica x

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