Creamy Cashew Yogurt

This recipe was given to me by the beautiful Katie, from Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing, who was taught how to make this yogurt by a naturopath in Bali. The ‘yogurt’ nature of this recipe comes from the fact that there is a natural bacteria on the surface of cashews that can be encouraged to ferment and create a probiotic-rich and delicious creamy faux-yogurt. The best part? It only has two ingredients: cashews and water, and is probably the most simple fermentation recipe I have come across to date.

It also tastes fantastic and is the perfect substitute for dairy yogurt if you are avoiding dairy products/are vegan/lactose intolerant. Like all fermented foods it has a slight sourness to it, but it is no stronger than your typical Greek-style fermented yogurt. You can also flavour it according to your preferences; I like cinnamon and vanilla, but you could add raw honey, berries or any other fruit you like.

Sorry for the super-dodgy picture! This is what it should look like during the fermentation stage, note the lid is ajar. Happy fermenting! :)

Sorry for the super-dodgy picture (better one is one the way)! This is what it should look like during the fermentation stage, note the lid is ajar. Happy fermenting! :)

Creamy Cashew Yogurt


  • 1 cup raw cashews (organic is important because you want the bacteria to be intact)
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • Optional flavourings: cinnamon, vanilla beans, fresh berries, fruits.


1. Place cashews (unsoaked) and water into a blender and blend until you achieve a smooth consistency. At this point it may be quite runny – this is perfectly fine.
2. Place the mixture in a glass jar and leave the lid ajar. Place somewhere at room temperature and leave overnight to ferment.
3. In the morning stir the yogurt. It should have thickened a fair bit by this point (due to the cashews soaking up some of the water) and have ย slight ‘fermented’ odour. Add in your cinnamon and vanilla at this point if you like.
4. Leave another few hours or another night to allow as much fermentation to occur as possible. The next morning give it another stir and then close the lid of the jar and put it in the fridge to store. Enjoy with muesli, granola, fruits or as a cream on (healthy) desserts!

Keep healthy,

Erica xx


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