Have You Ever Heard of Good Gossip?

If you have ever seen the TV series Gossip Girl then you would have an appreciation for just how (excuse my language) bitchy and nasty girls and boys and people in general can be to one another. We live in a society where ‘gossip’ is a conversation starter and we spread rumours and stories about people, for the most part to make ourselves feel better. Anyone who has done something unacceptable, who looks different, who acts differently or who doesn’t follow the current trends (gasp!) is gossiped about. And these rumours always (yes, always) get back to the person they are about, causing a great deal of hurt, shame and can result in awful things such as self harm and even suicide. I know especially well how much teenagers gossip, although I also know that it doesn’t end once we finish school, adults are guilty of gossiping just as much if not more. And for the most part gossiping is hurtful, mean and negative. But does gossiping actually do us any good?

How many times a day do you say something good about somebody behind their back? We seem happy to pay compliments (sincere or insincere) to people’s faces, but I find it odd that we don’t seem so keen to talk kindly about people when they are not present. The reality is that gossiping in a negative manner, only makes you a more negative person, drains your positivity and displays your own insecurities. But good gossip, that is talking kindly and paying compliments behind peoples back builds your positive energy and creates an overall positive atmosphere. 

Of course, we don’t have to love everyone, nor do we have to like every decision people make or actions they take, but gossiping about it doesn’t make you look any better as a person either. So, try a gossip detox… When your friends or workmates are gossiping, try to turn it into positive gossip, throw in a compliment or if all else fails perhaps bring to their attention how negative they are being.

Good luck, stay happy and good gossip! :) xx


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